The Conquest of the Obidos Castle Tour

The Conquest of the Obidos Castle Tour

The Conquest of the Obidos Castle Tour is a walking tour that will take you through the beaten track, alleys and ramparts of what is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Europe and taste the best that is produced here with our KITGO!

In order to enjoy the best that the village has to offer, you will have at your disposal a local guide that will take you to know and taste of the Ginja de Óbidos (Sour Cherry Liqueur) and the culture of the “Moles”, while you will present the Medieval castle and its stuffed interior, where pontificate some very unique and curious heritage. In addition we bring with us the KitGo, a Portuguese “farnel” so you can taste some of the local and regional delicacies.

The Walk:

With the Assault to the Castle Tour we will not stop by Rua Direita, the most important artery of the village, but also by some of the best examples of religious heritage, such as St. Peter’s Church, St. Mary’s Church or St. Pedro, we will visit the Castle, the Vila Gate, the aqueduct and the Parish Museum and some of the best viewpoints of the village. In the end there will still be time for a picnic.

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For History and Foodie Lovers

For all who are curious to know more about the village of Óbidos and its attractions, one of the most beautiful in Europe and combine all of this with real Portuguese food!

Between history, stories and food you will have a tour with a local who knows the narrow streets and outside of the beaten tracks.

The Conquest of the Obidos Castle Tour is a two hours walking visit for all ages, visitors, tourists and locals who are curious to venture into the streets and corners of this village of the Portuguese Silver Coast.

The tour is tailored to the needs of each, with various places to rest and taste some of the delicacies within our KITGO.

For reservations contact [email protected] or 961 481 448.


* Taste Traditional and Local Products
* Tour to the Castle and narrow streets
* Hear to the history and stories of the village
* Walk into the unbeaten tracks

Generic Informations


Every day


09:30am and 14:00

Meeting Point:

Obidos Touristic Office front


2 to 4 pax (minimum 2 pax) = 70€ (each – Includes: KIT GO Traditional Bread, Cheese, Wine. Sour Cherry Liquor and local pastry)

5 or more pax = Upon Budget

We do Private Tours


Under Budget


Wine, Local Cheese, Traditional Bread, Dry Cakes  

Tour Duration:

About 4 Hours


Portuguese, English 

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