Nazare Annual Events

Nazaré todo o ano!

Nazare Annual Events

The Nazare Annual Events is an article that show you that in our village we have fun throughout the 4 seasons of the year.

These events are also a way to discover a municipality that tries to preserve its origins and at the same time project the future.

From art to culture and festivities to gastronomy, throughout the year it is possible to find several events that promote the municipality and the community.

Embark on this plethora and get to know each of these events better, scrolling through the articles using the arrows above and below.

São Sebastião Festivities


The S. Sebastião festivities are a curious celebration with some peculiarities that you should not miss.

First of all, it is a religious celebration in honor of São Sebastião and where the gastronomic aspect is added to the religious component, highlighting folklore and popular music.

But there is more, there is a procession with the streets decorated with flowers and where the saints andores join farmers and other professional classes in a procession that has offers for the population and where the highlight is the chorizo, which also give the party its name. , and which at the end of the event are sold at auction to raise funds.

This is an unique event that you will not find anywhere else.


Allianz Perfect Chapter

January to March

The Allianz Perfect Chapter is powered by Billabong is an annual competition, made up of surfers from all over the world who dedicate their lives in search of perfect and tubular waves, with a healthy spirit.

The organization intends that Allianz Perfect Chapter, powered by Billabong, will improve the best surfer in perfect conditions.

He should be recognized by the community as a tube surfer, and in the organization’s view, the competing surfer dominates the tube technique from the start, due to the high level of surf that he presents.

The selection of the 16 surfer to be present at the event is done online and the finalist is determined and the tests take place over 2 months.


São Brás Pilgrimage


The São Brás Pilgrimage is a profane-religious festival that takes place in the chapel of S. Bartolomeu, inserted in the landscape of Monte with the same name.

The party takes place on the 3rd of February and its particularity is to mark the beginning of celebrations associated with Carnival.

Associated with the image of Nossa Senhora da Nazaré and the relics of S. Bartolomeu and São Brás, all closely linked to the origins of Nazaré and Monte de São Bartolomeu, the Pilgrimage of São Brás also celebrates the local identity and, as it should be, , gastronomy is present.

Carnival also has its beginning here, with good music and lots of masks.

Nazare Tá-Mar Folklore Festival


This festival’s main objective is to celebrate and promote the tradition of the locals folklore, an important element of local ethnography and is part of the Easter celebrations promoted by the Municipality of Nazare.

There are parades along the Marginal da Nazaré, but folklore and traditional games (“Brincar é Tradicional”) are the most anticipated guests of an event that seeks to bring the local community to the street, celebrating their traditions, contributing to their preservation. and to try to disseminate them to the younger generations.


Valado dos Frades Jazz Festival


Valado dos Frades has been, for almost two decades, one of the places that promotes Jazz music in the West, focusing mainly on new musicians who do not have access to other festivals because they are not yet known.

The Jazz Festival of Valados dos Frades is therefore a launching pad for new Jazz musicians and an interesting and important way for the public to be able to discover what is being done in the world of Jazz music, although here and there there are already established names of this musical style

Organized by the Instruction and Recreation Library of Valado dos Frades, it is the oldest Jazz festival in the district that recently also included the Caldas nice Jazz.

The Jazz Festival of Valados dos Frades has the support of the General Directorate of Arts, certified for its quality and importance.

Homem do Mar Festivity


The festivity of the Homem do Mar is a Maritime procession that is a tradition in Nazare (Peniche also has its own) and combines not only the maritime aspect, in which twelve boats participate, but also the pedestrian one.

Organized by the Parish of Pederneira, it also has the collaboration of the Municipality of Nazare, the Parish Council of Nazaré, the Police, the Captaincy of Nazare Docs and the Associação de Armadores de Pesca.

Being a popular party, it is therefore an event of importance for the local community, namely for those who dedicate themselves to fishing activities and who, with the realization of this party, request protection and good work from the Saints.


Xávega Art


Since 1995, the Municipality of Nazare and the Tourism Region of Leiria / Fátima have been promoting the recreation of the traditional Xávega Art, on the beach of Praia da Nazare.

This initiative aims to animate the sandy beach of Nazare and the dissemination of local maritime culture, through the recreation of this local tradition that fell into disuse in the last decades of the 20th century.

The only xávega that still exists goes out to sea during the morning, in a typical vessel, launching the nets that, in the afternoon, are pulled ashore by the people, being the most visible and most emblematic moment of the recreation.

Nossa Senhora da Nazare Festivities


Between the end of August and the beginning of September it is time to celebrate Nazaré, it is time to remember her identity and it is time to honor the patron saint of the village, that is, Nossa Senhora da Nazare.

In addition to the parties of a religious nature, the parties of Nossa Senhora da Nazare present Nazaré in a party which is a vast and diversified party program that includes recreational activities, various diversions, exhibitions, workshops, workshops and many other proposals for the animation of those parties move.

September is the month to celebrate Nazaré in all its splendor and it implies several celebrations for all tastes ranging from fairs, exhibitions, music, gastronomy, news and where the tributes to Nossa Senhora da Nazaré, central point of the parties and responsible for the animation that these days animates the Sítio da Nazaré and that on the 8th of September municipal holiday has its high moment.

For those who want to know in more detail the traditions and customs of this fishing village, the beginning of September is the ideal time to visit Nazare and experience the best that exists, to know its heritage, to enjoy its beaches and to appreciate the natural characteristics of the area, all of this combined with the many parties and events that make up this time of celebration of the Nazarene identity.

If it is Nazare that you want to visit, this is where you will come across the most characteristic feature of this community.

Nazaré Half-Marathon


Since 1975, the Nazaré Half-Marathon has been held, the first in Portugal and therefore also one of the most popular and charismatic events in Portuguese athletics, the popularity of which is the nickname of the “Mother of the Half Marathons”.

The Marginal of Nazare continues to be the privileged scenario and also receives two other events, Volta à Nazare (10 km) and Caminhas (5 km).

If you are a running enthusiast and if you want to have the opportunity to participate in what is the origin of the Half Marathons, you already know that November is the reason for everyone to run to Nazare.

New Year´s Eve


As in any other place where we meet, New Year’s Eve is always a reason for celebration and celebration and Nazare likes to celebrate in a big way, bringing together their entire community and all those who come from outside there to join.

With Marginal da Nazare as the main stage and the beach and promontory as a backdrop, the farewell to the old year is made to the sound of the best music for the occasion and in the company of the best animations that this night requires.

Essential ingredients are animation and fun and the presence of the whole family.

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