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se é natureza que procuras este é o caminho…

Welcome to Natural Nazare

Natural Nazare it´s an article where you can find the spaces where nature is served as the main dish and where the order is to enjoy.

In between youhave lot´s of spots where you can have fun. Discover beachs, parks and a mount.

Alone, with your family or friends here you can make picnics, surf or hike. Just choose and go.

São Bartolomeu Mount one of the elements of Natural Nazare, GoNazare your Local Touristic Guide

São Bartolomeu Mount

Classified as a Site of Biological Interest the São Bartolomeu Mount in Nazare stands out for its geological, natural and historical component.

Also known as São Brás Mount, it has a magmatic origin and is inserted in a landscape that belongs to the famous Pinhal de Leiria, with the maritime pine and the arbutus tree being some of the elements of the local flora that stand out the most.

With regard to avifauna, the Sieve and the Winged Round Eagle deserve a mention.

From the historical point of view, São Bartolomeu Mount or São Brás presents in its nomenclature clear allusions to two of the saints whose relics are linked to the Legend of Nazare and the foundation of the locality.

At a height of 156 meters, its summit is accessible on foot and you will certainly want to stroll in the middle of nature and see the natural beauty of the place, and there is also a small chapel that also deserves a close look.

During Carnival, there is the pilgrimage to São Brás, a profane-religious party held on February 3rd and that you can always attend.

Whether you prefer the landscape component, or prefer the more historical and cultural aspect São Bartolomeu Mount is worth visiting.

Pedralva Park its one of the spots to visit in Natural Nazare, GoNazare your Local Touristic Guide

Pedralva Park

The Pedralva Park in Nazare is also known as Monte Branco is a rock formation characterized by white sandstone that gives it the name Monte Branco.

Because nature is also part of the set of attractions in Nazare, the Pedralva Park illustrates the lower Cretaceous period of this region, which followed the Jurassic period, being a natural testimony of the region’s history.

Used as a pedestrian crossing point between Nazare and Pederneira, the recovery and rehabilitation of Parque da Pedralva as a garden and leisure space is the guarantee of safeguarding the memories of this site as well as the possibility of offering all its users a green area. .

Nazare Beach, GoNazare your Local Touristic Guide

Nazare Beach

Nazare Beach is not only a beach but it is also a neighborhood, located by the sea and where the community and the beach have a very strong connection.

One of the most popular in the West, Nazare Beach will certainly be tempted to get your feet wet, or simply enjoy the sand and enjoy the sun.

In the hours when it squeezes you can take refuge in one of the typical canvas tents or cool off with a bath in the cool waters of the Atlantic.

In addition, Nazare is a territory of fishermen and the beach is the ideal place to cross and discover the charms of the typical fishmongers of Nazaré with its seven skirts, a hallmark of this village.

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Natural Nazare, GoNazare your Local Touristic Guide

Praia do Norte

Located north of Sítio da Nazare, hence its name, the North Beach offers exceptional conditions for the practice of sports activities such as surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing or bodyboarding, which have been bringing new audiences and this beach that became known for the giant waves produced by the famous Canhão da Nazare.

It was precisely in North Beach that on November 1, 2011, the Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara surfed one of the candidates for “Biggest Wave of 2011”, thus recognized by the nomination for this category by the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards 2012. Between waves and more waves, this record was broken by the Frenchman Benjamin Sanchis in 2014 … with a wave of 33 meters!

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