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Essencial Nazare allows you to learn a little more about the municipality of Nazare and to know what it has to reveal.

To do so, through our website you can find out which are the best places to buy the best around here, taste the best that local cuisine has to offer or even the best places to sleep, if you want to spend the night around here.

In addition, all the events and shows that are organized here are always available on the agenda, the information to be able to enjoy a more rewarding and enriching stay,

including indications about what you can do at night and where to go.

You can also enjoy a set of museum spaces and heritage sites.

Start planning your visit now.

Essential Nazare Geography, GoNazare Your Local Touristic Guide


Currently the municipality of Nazare is part of the grouping of municipalities in the West, has an area of 82.43 km2, consisting of 3 parishes: Famalicão, Nazaré and Valado dos Frades.

It borders the municipality of Alcobaça, a state located 40 km from Leiria, the capital of the District where Alcobaça is located and 120 km from the capital of Portugal, Lisbon.

Essential Nazare Weather, GoNazare Your Local Touristic Guide


The climate in the Silver Coast and in particular in the village of Nazare is temperate, with winters not too severe and summers are mild.

Essential Nazare Tansports, GoNazare Your Local Touristic Guide


Nazare is well served by transport that can take you from one end of the city to another.

On the other hand, if you come from outside, you can always use the bus or private car as Nazare is served by the A8 highway.

Essential Nazare Contacts, GoNazare Your Local Touristic Guide

Essential Nazare Contacts

Emergencies (police): 115

City Hall: 262 550 010

Hospital: 262 569 120

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